Licensing Roadmap
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Free Video Series and Top 10 Tips
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About Your Instructor

Paul Miller began his private label business on Amazon in 2015. In less than three years he has grown his business from zero to over four million in 2017. After a deep dive into the world of licensing and surrounding himself with a team of experts, he has executed multiple major license agreements as both a licensee and licensor. Paul enjoys sharing his hard-earned knowledge with other forward-thinking brand owners to help take them their businesses to the next level.
Paul Miller
Brand Owner
Multi-Channel Seller
Liran Hirshkorn
“Paul introduced me to licensing for my private label brand and as a result, I was able to make a licensing deal that has been amazing for my business. He’s my go to expert for licensing!”

About "The Next Level Licensing" Video Course
In this three video series, Paul reveals the amazing opportunity of licensing for Amazon private label sellers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. After two years and thousands of dollars spent with licensing consultants and experts, Paul has cracked the code for teaming with some of the world's biggest brands.
Video #1 - Introduction and Benefits of Licensing
How licensing solves many of the major problems faced by private label sellers including:

How to stand out on Amazon as a licensee
Prevent copycats and hijackers
Expanding into additional sales channels
Build brand recognition
Scaling your business beyond amazon
FREE PDF: Top 10 Tips for Getting Started in Licensing
A free PDF outlining 10 steps to get you off to a quick start in licensing.
Video #2 - Is Licensing Right for You?
The pros and cons of licensing and the information you need to consider before you make the dive into licensing.
Video #3 - Product, Brand and Property Fit
How to evaluate potential licensors for your brand. 
How to choose the best property for maximizing your success in licensing.

"Paul is the most trustworthy source on licensing physical products I know. He's not just a teacher, he is a practitioner. I've watched with great admiration as he has built a successful enterprise selling millions online with the power of licensing."
Kevin Rizer
Host, Private Label Movement
Multiple Brand Owner
Andy Slamans
Amazon Seller Podcast
"I met Paul Miller at the licensing show in Las Vegas and was blown away by the Licensing strategy he is utilizing to build his private label brand. Paul has laid out the roadmap in this course on how you and I can make our private label products pop by partnering with companies like he's doing with Nickelodeon. Licensing is how you differentiate your product and send sales through the roof!!"

"Paul has found a way to level up his business by connecting his brand with incredibly successful companies. While the product matters, the marketing efforts that Paul has figured out matter more."
Stephen Peterson,
Kellianne Fedio
Ecommerce Entrepreneur
Amazon Consultant
"Paul is not only an amazing ecommerce entrepreneur, but he’s also a great teacher. With his Next Level Licensing course, he has cracked the code on how to level up to an insanely successful business through licensing.

If you’re looking to learn about the world of licensing, you couldn’t have a better guide. Paul offers creative and actionable strategies to help ecommerce sellers grow and protect their brands, and catapult their business to the next level.!"